Recipe for Success

A new Chef has opened a restaurant in your town and several of your friends have gone to try it out.  They have given it awesome reviews, saying the food was some of the best they’ve ever had!  So you make a reservation for yourself.  You arrive, read the menu and choose one of your favorite meals, except, instead of asking for one or two small changes (for me, it would be “no mushrooms, please”) you hand the waiter a recipe card.  It’s your recipe from home and you’d like the Chef to make the dish your way.  The meal comes and it’s just as you asked, prepared by your recipe.  You leave feeling like it was good, but nothing like what you expected based on how excited your friends were.  What on earth were they so impressed about?

The recipe for success lies in “trusting the professional”.  Just as the Chef has worked to make a dish that is not just “good”, but “really special”, our DJs work to make your party memorable for EVERYONE there.

We already know that your guests will be a wide variety of ages, have a sorts of backgrounds, and all those people are going to have different tastes in music.  And although they did come to YOUR event, there is no way for you to personally keep them entertained the whole time.  That is where your DJ comes in.  We are there to ENTERTAIN.  And what is more entertaining than a dance floor?  Either you’re on it, or you’re watching it!  It’s a Win-Win and why dancing is such a tradition at weddings and parties all over the world.  This is what motivates us to be a “dance floor” oriented DJ service.


This is actually a whole process that really defines what makes a Professional DJ versus a “playlist provider”.  A few key things that includes are:

-Talent (our DJ pool is small because frankly, not everyone has the knack for it)
-Experience (we’ve been doing this for 25 years, we’ve learned A LOT and we’ve passed it on to our new DJs)
-Passion (we challenge ourselves to see everyone on the dance floor at least ONCE – dancing Grandparents are our favorite!)
-“Secret Sauce” (a few guides we use to truly find the perfect songs for your crowd, but if I told you, it would’t be a secret, now would it?)

Notice I didn’t mention “asking for a client playlist”?  I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but the truth is, most clients don’t take into account all the details that we do.  Just a few examples of these little known things that we think about as professionals during your event:

-How heavy was their meal? (most people won’t jump up during the first 30 minutes of dancing if they are still stuffed from dinner – we adjust the music accordingly)
-How long will they last? (dancing IS cardio after all, so how do we pace things so your guests don’t wear out and leave early?)
-How comfortable on the dance floor are they? (some crowds need more “ice breaker” songs than others)


Perfect!  Share it with us!  Just keep in mind we may not be able to play every single song that’s on it.  Please make sure to make a special mark on the songs that have SENTIMENTAL SIGNIFICANCE.  These would be songs that are perhaps a tribute to a family member, or songs from your “college days”, or maybe just that one silly song that you and your friends have made a tradition to dance to.  THOSE are the songs we REALLY need.  Everything else we are happy to have as inspiration, but we really need room to work our magic as well.


Remember “no mushrooms”?   I get it, we all have certain songs we just don’t like, and that’s why we provide a space on your planning forms to list those songs.

I hope this gives a little more insight on why we say, “relax, let the DJ handle the playlist” and gives you some peace of mind that you and your guests are going to enjoy a full evening of entertainment.  We are looking forward to seeing all of your (and your dancing grandparents!) on the dance floor 🙂

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