A wedding video is just exactly what it sounds like, a video of a wedding, Right?  And a DJ is a guy with speakers that plays music…. We all know the concept of each of these services, but it’s the smaller details that make the BIG differences.

One Videography Package

Trying to compare packages based on the number of hours or the lowest prices really doesn’t make sense when you’re shopping for Wedding Videography.  That’s why we only sell our “all-inclusive” wedding videography package.

You can stay current with all of our wedding film releases on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.  These are not just sample videos that we chose of our best work, but these are ALL of our current wedding films.  You’ll soon find they are both consistent in style and quality, yet each one is customized to tell a story.

Day-Of Approach

Beyond just comparing the films themselves, you will want to know HOW the work is done?  We have been told often, especially by wedding photographers, that no two wedding videography companies perform the job in the exact same way. They always go on to compliment our work ethic and approach because it is very cooperative with theirs.

In-House Editing

A little known fact is that some wedding videographers don’t edit their own work.  We edit every video with our team.  There is a personal touch to editing your wedding film and we think the teams who were there shooting the footage are the best choice for telling the story of the day.

Audio is Included

Another component that is so vital is having great audio!  This is another area where we have made sure to protect against loss by having multiple recording devices.  This also allows us to choose the best sounding recording of your vows, toasts, and other important moments that we can use to create your wedding film.

And You’re Also a DJ Company?

That’s correct! We actually started off as a DJ company! You can be assured that the same principles of service that you read about in our Videography section are applied to our DJ service. We make sure we aren’t over-booked, we have backup equipment, we own all of our music. We keep our equipment up-to-date and looking great! These aren’t amateur DJ’s, they are highly trained and experienced at both the Organizational aspects and the Music aspects for Weddings.  We make sure you get to ENJOY THE RECEPTION while we take care of the rest.

Is it Too Good to be True?

Could it really be possible for one company to offer boutique quality services without the boutique prices? Why do we do it? The answer is simple: We love what we do and we want to keep doing it. We offer you value-packed packages at an affordable cost, and we do it with the highest of quality expectations.  It’s not too good to be true, but it does sell out.  We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to ensure we have availability for your date.

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