Creating Your Perfect Wedding Video

Creating a wedding video is a building process.  Each scene you see in one of our highlight videos is made from individual building blocks.  Sometimes it takes several blocks to create one scene.  Therefore, some shots we will take as they occur, and others we will give you directions of what to do in order to get enough blocks to make the scenes complete. 

We help you make a schedule of your whole day so we can get all of the footage we need for a spectacular finished product…YOUR Wedding Video! Scheduling all of the shots helps make your day run smoothly.  But remember, videography takes longer than photos.  Let your schedule breathe.  Don’t expect to fit everything in too tightly, it will only cause you stress.

We tag along with your photographer until we have the amount of footage we need.  Some shots are staged, some are shot with our awesome drone…but know we may not film every photoshoot location since those are static…we go for the action shots!  We will take some shots as the photographer poses you and your wedding party.  We will occasionally ask you and your wedding party to perform some actions to help us build great video scenes, but we will do our best not to interrupt the time your photographer needs for photos.  Oh, and always notify your photographer that you have hired us to video your wedding!

If you choose, we can use audio of you and your fiancé reading letters you have written to each other in your video to use as a voiceover! What a special touch this can be to the video of your Special Day!

We love First Looks!  It allows you to have much more photo and video time without making guests wait around at the reception.  We have a unique method for filming these using our drones and other cameras, and it turns out to be a very special moment that we get to document between the two of you before the wedding!  Sometimes, the Bride chooses to have a First Look with their father…imagine what a tear jerker that can be!


We use several cameras set up to achieve shots from various angles and allow us to edit together the best possible presentation of your ceremony as it occurred.  We promise not be a nuisance during the ceremony with constant movement, and we will respect all church rules as communicated to us.

One camera will be positioned at the end of the aisle until the final entrance of the processional.  It will then move to the center aisle.  Your photographer usually shoots next to this camera, but we will accommodate one movement for them to get a full length aisle shot.   Grooms and Officiants will be asked to wear a lapel mic.  It is very discreet.  This allows us to get great audio of all of the vows and other exchanges!

We will film full length scenes of Grand Entry, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Specialty Dances, and the Bouquet & Garter toss. These longer scenes will be shown your Long Version of your Reception, while shorter cuts will be in your Highlights video.

During the rest of the party, we will film various scenes of your guests dancing and enjoying the party. The more that the newlyweds are on the dance floor themselves, the more footage will be included, so don’t be shy, get out there and shake it!

Applause Weddings is constantly striving to put out the best product, YOUR Wedding Video.  With twenty-plus years of experience and using only the most high-tech equipment, we are able to film and edit these special moments of your life into something that is memorable and can be revisited forever!

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