Full Length ceremonies aren’t created equal

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything you wanted to choose for your wedding could be lined up side by side so you could simply compare?  Making the right choices can be daunting especially with the pressure of the budget and the “once in a lifetime” chance to make the most of your wedding day.

I don’t know if it’s because we are “old school” having been in the videography business over 20 years and counting, or if it’s because we are “old fashioned” and believe that hard earned money should be spent on real value, but for us, a wedding video package just isn’t complete without a Full Length Ceremony.  Sure, you may not watch it more than a handful of times, but those time that you do will be SO important.

The first time you see your wedding video will be when we first deliver it to you.   You’ll sit down together, probably after a long day at work, or on a lazy Saturday morning.  There might be snacks.  There WILL BE cuddling.  You’ll press play and suddenly it’s like the whole day comes rushing back.  The best part is, you’ll see moments you remember, and ones you don’t!  You’ll see details you were a part of, and the ones you missed.  You’ll watch everyone walk down the aisle, and then you’ll see your vows as they happened, in their entirety.   And finally you’ll see the moment you are introduced to the world as newlyweds.

The next time you’ll watch will be with your immediate family.  Your parents and grandparents and this time you will all get to experience the joy over again, TOGETHER, and in the comfort of home.  You’ll laugh and cry at all the special moments you shared.  It’s just another unforgettable piece of the puzzle when two families are united.

Still another time you’ll watch your full wedding video is with your children.  Whether they were a part of the ceremony, or not even born yet, they WILL want to see the moment their parents became united as one and started their new family journey.

Now, it’s possible these may be the only times you watch this version of your wedding film.  Or, it’s possible you’ll get it out every anniversary, or maybe just the milestone ones.  Maybe at your 25th you’ll show a few clips at your anniversary party.  Or at your 50th, your grandkids will be amazed at how fashion has changed (or come back around!).

We believe you deserve the best possible version of your full length wedding ceremony video.  That’s why we shoot with multiple cameras and multiple videographers.  We want your view to be as good as the view from the guest’s seats.  We also want to ensure that we don’t miss anything, so those extra cameras are a great backup plan for most anything that can happen.

Please don’t assume that all wedding videographers approach the full length ceremony is the same way.  Ask them how many cameras and how many videographers there are, and where the cameras are placed.  Ask how many full-length ceremonies they’ve done, and Ask to SEE THEM.  Make sure you see continuous footage and great audio.  These are the things that we provide in our Applause packages at no additional cost.

You can check out a few of our Full Length Ceremonies below:

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Creating Your Perfect Wedding Video

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